Basal Cell Carcinoma

Basal cell carcinoma  is the most common type of skin cancer and occurs in 1 of 5 Americans.  Over 1,000,000 Americans will be diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma this year and we treat over 1500 per year.  It is normally found on sun-exposed areas especially the face, neck and arms.  This type of skin cancer does not typically spread to the blood or lymph vessels and is not life threatening.  Detection of this type of skin cancer is somewhat difficult because it can often mimic an infected hair, pimple, sore or mole.  The forms of treatment for this type of skin cancer include radiation therapy, Mohs surgery, surgical excision, electrodessication and curettage and topical chemotherapy.  All of these forms of treatment are offered at our Skin Cancer Center.  Early detection is vital to minimize scarring left by the removal process and improves cure rate.