Frequently Asked Questions

Most insurances don’t require a referral.
We encourage our patients to have breakfast before surgeries, including Moh’s.
Most patients can drive after their procedures.
We do not recommend stopping blood thinners for your procedures.

For more information on skin screenings and skin cancer, please see the skin cancer page.

For more information on sun protection, please see the Sun Protection page

No, there are no systemic side effects.  Most patients only experience local redness or crusting throughout their treatments.

Radiation only causes hair loss at the site of treatment.
No, most patients only experience irritation or redness at the site.
Typical cases are between 15 and 20 treatments.  Patients are usually in and out of the clinic within 15 minutes.  We ask for a minimum of three treatments per week during the course of treatment.
We monitor the sites of previous skin cancer clinically during your follow up visits, and usually a biospy is not required.