Skin Cancer Types

Our team specializes in evaluating and treating all growths of the skin.  This not only includes skin cancers, but moles, cysts and age related growths.  We are full service which includes evaluation, removal, pathology and treatment.  We utilize all forms of treatment and select the best form of treatment for each particular growth depending on its size, location and growth pattern and patient preferences.  We are the only skin cancer clinic in Oklahoma that includes Mohs surgery, an on-site lab and radiation treatments for skin cancer.  We pride ourselves on our fast, friendly and professional care.

Generally you do not need a referral to be seen at our clinics.  We offer evaluation of all skin growths as well as mole, melanoma and cancer screens.  We ask patients to watch for new, changing or bleeding lesions.  Also spots that are annoying because of itching, irritation, bleeding or being caught by combs, razors and clothing.  Any bothersome growths should be evaluated sooner rather than later.  In other words, don’t wait!

If needed, the growth will be removed or biopsied under local anesthesia and the tissue microscopically reviewed under the microscope by Dr. Abbott.  If further treatment is indicated on the study of the tissue (pathology) we will personalize the necessary treatment.  This can range from radiation therapy or Mohs surgery for more aggressive skin cancers to simple excisions with or without stitches for mole, cyst and other growth removals.  All procedures are done under a simple local anesthesia in our clinic.  Driving home after the procedure is usually not a problem.

We deliver more radiation treatments for skin cancers than anybody in the great State of Oklahoma.  These treatments are simple and quick with several advantages.  First, no additional cutting is required and, therefore, tissue sparing is easily the best.  This is especially important in the central facial area including the nose, eyelids, lips and also on the ears.  Side effects are generally minimal and localized to the area of treatment with redness and irritation.

We are happy to help so many Oklahomans in a friendly and professional way.

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